Ranking Every WWE Superstar Shake-Up Move From Worst To Best

Which movers and shakers on both Raw and SmackDown made the most sense?

WWE Superstar Shake Up 2019

WWE moved 31 superstars (if you consider tag-teams and wrestler/manager duos as individuals) across two nights on this week's Raw and SmackDown. In the process, the company split four tags and stables, and decided to shift the Intercontinental Title sideways to Tuesday nights. Now, it looks like Samoa Joe and his US belt could be going the other way to Raw, but that's yet to be confirmed.

There's a whole lotta' shaking going on.

Only time will tell how fruitful each move will prove to be; that's just the way it is, and it'd be unfair to analyse each properly for at least a few months. That, ladies and gents, doesn't mean we can't take a snapshot look at each roster move and inspect them at face value. There are positives to take from this Shake-Up, and there are (of course) some negatives.

WWE could never hope to please everybody with every single move they made though. That'd be unrealistic, and it was always going to be far more important to give the rosters on both major brands a fresh feel post-WrestleMania. Could they manage that, and vivify their product?

Yes and no...


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