Ranking EVERY WWE Superstar's 2018 From Worst To Best

The (Sports) Entertainers.


2018 for WWE was a year that was equal parts insane, incendiary, awesome and awful, and one that's been fascinating to revisit as it's finally come to a close.

It was however, for one Superstar - it's 'Big Dog' - the worst of times beyond any bad booking or boos. Roman Reigns heart-wrenching October reveal that he was battling leukaemia was a moment fans and wrestlers alike stepped away from the pomp of pro wrestling to rally around one of it's top troops, unified in both grief for his situation and hope for what will hopefully be a brighter tomorrow for the former Universal Champion. Such unity was light in a dark tunnel, went beyond the blurred lines of Sports Entertainment, and should be maintained when reviewing trivial trails in articles such as these.

He'll not feature here, but his friends, colleagues and peers can all be counted in what was either a brilliant distraction from real life, or an brilliantly stupid waste of everybody's precious time.

WWE was all the things mentioned in the first line of this introduction, but nothing without those that made it so...

(As a frame of reference, this list is made up of those that feature on the Raw/SmackDown Live Main Roster sections of this page, as if the NXT/205 Live rosters didn't already have enough to work towards in 2019. Tag teams have been combined/separated as appropriate. The McMahon Family won't feature, lest Shane McMahon's Crown Jewel victory render this whole ranking moot anyway...)

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