Ranking Every WWE Title Change On Raw

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While annual reports that Monday Night Raw is haemorrhaging viewers tend to get everyone talking, the primary aim of WWE's weekly show has traditionally been to generate interest in its monthly pay-per-views.

As such, Raw is less likely to host long matches than it is 15 or 20-minute promos in which two men with a burning hatred for one another stand in the ring trading Comedy Central Roast-style verbal barbs instead of, you know, actually wrestling.

Even today, it's rare to see either of the company's world championships change hands anywhere other than a Network event. It only really happens when the creative team's hand is forced by someone abruptly vacating the title through injury or suspension.

In a quarter-century of Monday Night Raw, for example, there have only been 18 title changes - and a large portion of them came during the Attitude Era, when the company was forced into adopting a hot potato policy to keep pace with trigger-happy WCW.

While not all of them have gone down as classic moments, there's enough in there to convince us that free TV can, on occasion, be every bit as good as PPV.

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