Report: Vince McMahon FINALLY Acknowledges WWE's "System Is Broken"?

A rare moment of self-awareness from the WWE Chairman?

Vince McMAhon

It has been over a week since Jon Moxley's incendiary Talk Is Jericho appearance stoked the wrestling world's fires, with the former Dean Ambrose confirming many long-held suspicions and complaints regarding WWE's wonky creative process.

That the podcast remains a source of discussion is testament to its impact, and now, after reaching out to several sources within WWE, Dave Meltzer has some notes on the company's internal reaction.

This week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that none of the wrestlers Meltzer spoke to would deny that what Moxley said was true. Dave wrote that even those who personally didn't like Jon had "nothing negative to say about what he said," and that one source even stated that everyone knows the system is "obviously broken" - including Vince McMahon himself.

If true, this is a rare example of self-awareness from a guy who is widely assumed to have no regard for anything outwith his own personal sphere, though whatever measures he's taking to resolve the situation don't seem to be working. Ratings are in the gutter, boatloads of wrestlers want to quit, and while quality is obviously subjective, creative is all over the place.

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