Rey Mysterio & Big Show's WWE Returns Officially CONFIRMED!

When will we see Big Show and Rey Mysterio on WWE TV again?

Rey Mysterio and Big Show are officially heading back to SmackDown, as confirmed on over the weekend.

Constantly linked with a full-time comeback throughout 2018, Mysterio has now been announced for SmackDown 1000 on 16 October, though whether or not he'll be wrestling is currently unclear.

WWE's write-up doesn't explicitly say this, but it insinuates that Rey will be part of the Tuesday night roster going forward. It notes he was "a cornerstone of Team Blue" following the original brand split, that he "helped define the SmackDown spirit," and that he's "best remembered for energising SD with his signature aerial attack, unbelievable athleticism, and never-say-die attitude."

In a separate post, WWE announced that this Tuesday will see Big Show return to the company for the first time since falling to Braun Strowman in a Steel Cage match last September, facing Randy Orton in a World Cup tournament qualifier.

Show was part of the Raw roster the last time we saw him. WWE are seemingly promoting him as a free agent now, but regardless, it's good to see him back. 'The World's Largest Athlete' had been dealing with a major hip issue in his absence, and there was even talk that he'd retire, but he's back in fighting shape.

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