Rey Mysterio In Talks To Sign With Global Force Wrestling

Are Jeff Jarrett's promotion on the verge of a major coup?

Rey Mysterio

TNA's 2017 transformation to Impact Wrestling, then Global Force Wrestling, has been characterised by immense roster turnover. The past six months have seen dozens of wrestlers pass in and out of the promotion's doors, with major stars like Drew Galloway and the Hardys departing, and guys like Alberto El Patron and LAX taking their spots.

Now, it looks like GFW could be on the verge of securing their biggest signing yet. According to PWInsider, the company are currently in negotiations with former WWE Champion and lucha libre legend Rey Mysterio, who met with GFW officials in Nashville on Monday night.

Mysterio was reportedly in town to meet several WWE talents who were there for Raw. Earlier in the day, he and Konnan discussed a potential deal with GFW representatives, and PWI's sources claim that Rey "has a contract offer in his hands."

Lucha Underground was the last major American promotion Mysterio appeared for, but the company's fourth season is till to be confirmed. The high-flyer ended his 13-year WWE run following a long absence from television in 2015, and his since competed for such promotions as AAA, WCPW, and The Crash.

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