Rey Mysterio Set For NJPW

Legendary luchador makes date with Jushin Liger.

Rey Mysterio Jushin Liger SSE

Rey Mysterio, hot off the heels of his impressive Royal Rumble cameo, is again set for a return to big-league wrestling after releasing a video announcing his imminent NJPW bow.

The vid, later tweeted by the Japanese promotion's on-demand surface, aired during the company's New Beginning show in Osaka this morning, and featured King Mystery himself laying down the gauntlet to fellow icon Jushin 'Thunder' Liger. Liger - who was on commentary duties during the broadcast - accepted the challenge, and the two are now set to clash at the NJPW Strong Style Evolved event in Long Beach, CA's Walter Pyramid on 25 March.

The pair, two of the greatest junior heavyweights of all time, met just over two decades ago at WCW's Starrcade '96. It was their one and only meeting.

The Master of the 619 has been a hot topic of late, his 28 January appearance in the Wells Fargo Center raising the question of a possible WWE return. The Mexican proved he can still go at an elite level, and demand for his services remains high. Now aged 43, it's unlikely Rey is going to take on a heavy schedule at any of the biggest company's, but this latest development demonstrates there's still a lot left in his tank.

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