Rhyno FIRED On WWE Raw

Is this the end for the former ECW Champion?

rhyno fired

Former ECW Champion Rhyno called time on his 24-year wrestling career during last night's Raw.

WWE ran an angle in which Baron Corbin claimed the company couldn't justify keeping Rhyno and partner Heath Slater on the payroll, so he booked them in a 'Loser Leaves Raw' match. 'The Man-Beast' fell in just 75 seconds, thus ending his tenure on the red brand, and, apparently, his career.

Wrestling Inc. have since reported that Rhyno announced his retirement to the live audience after the defeat. The segment didn't air, but it sounds legitimate.

Though still only 43 years old, Rhyno walks away from a long, prosperous career that saw him capture gold almost everywhere he went. He was the last original ECW Champion, and a former WWE United States and Hardcore Champion, before transitioning to TNA in 2005, where he was a fixture for years.

Returning to WWE in 2015 gave Rhyno a brief Indian summer, as him and Slater were crowned the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions in 2016. They were shunted back down the card soon after losing the gold, but Rhyno proved himself a solid, veteran hand throughout this period, despite his lack of usage.

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