Rich Swann Announces Retirement From Wrestling

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion steps away this summer.

Rich Swann

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann has just announced his plans to retire from professional wrestling.

The high-flyer officially parted ways with his previous employers on February 15th, and will step away from the sport as soon as he fulfils his pre-booked independent dates.

Swann broke the news with a short tweet earlier today:-

This is but the latest development in a tumultuous few months for the former Cruiserweight Classic competitor. Swann was arrested on charges of battery and kidnapping/false imprisonment on December 10th, 2017, and immediately suspended as per WWE's zero tolerance policy. The case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence in January, but Rich and WWE mutually agreed to part ways three weeks later.

Swann currently has a host of indie appearances lined up at the moment, and will soon work for companies as diverse as Germany's wXw and the Tommy Dreamer-helmed House Of Hardcore. As things stand, it looks like those dates will be the last we see of him in the sport, though he'll still be just 27 years old when he retires.

His relative youth means a comeback isn't out of the question, but with his reputation in tatters, stepping away is likely a smart move for Swann.

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