ROH & NJPW SELL OUT Madison Square Garden

The times they are a changin'.

Cody Rhodes Kota Ibushi

In news that will irritate Vince McMahon more than a short wrestler sneezing all over his face, the G1 SuperCard co-promoted by Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling has sold out Madison Square Garden, with zero matches announced, in well under an hour of the tickets going on general sale.

This is a major deal. WWE hasn't sold out its spiritual home in years.

One might point to the hub of wrestling activity that is 'Mania Weekend as the primary driver of sales - that is, after all, why the specific date of April 6, 2019 was chosen - but it's hard to envisage that this is something some 18,000 fans have decided to just "do" "while they are there". This is genuine, uplifting history, and the ardent wrestling fans want to be a part of it. This won't damage WWE one iota, beyond a bruise to the ego - the TakeOver event on the same night will doubtlessly sell out also - but this should, in theory, force WWE to up their own game. Or just throw Fox money at talent with no motivation to promote them with conviction. One or the other.

Cody tweeted the following in response to the news - the show itself was an encouraged response to the smash success of his ALL IN venture - "I am the game now".

And, since G1 SuperCard is guaranteed to sell more tickets than TakeOver at the Barclays Center, he may have a point.

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