Roman Reign Attacked By Mystery Person On WWE SmackDown

The Big Dog was waylaid during an interview segment.

Last night's SmackDown followed in similar footsteps to Raw's raucous episode, as we saw poor Roman Reigns laid out by a vicious backstage assault.

Whilst preparing for an interview with Kayla Braxton, The Big Dog was bum-rushed by a mystery assailant, toppled to the ground by a falling lighting rig and a stack of speakers. The ever-brave Reigns denied medical assistance, as we saw the silhouette of a person wearing a black shirt with white sleeves slink off in the background.

As of now, Reigns has no opponent slated for SummerSlam two weeks hence. There is no word on who his shadowy attacker is, but it's fair to assume the two will meet at Toronto's Scotiabank Arena on 11 August.

Presumably, we'll learn his or her identity next week.

Elsewhere on last night's SmackDown, Kevin Owens beat Drew McIntyre, Trish Stratus accepted Charlotte's SummerSlam challenge, and Dolph Ziggler agreed a match against The Miz.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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