Ronda Rousey Once More Advertised By WWE For Every Raw Before WrestleMania

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Even though the meltwater has only just drained away across America's north-east, and the blossom is not yet brightening up the trees, it seems flip-flop season is upon us.

After originally advertising Ronda Rousey to appear on every episode of Monday Night Raw ahead of WrestleMania, the company surreptitiously deleted an article boasting of her schedule after the MMA star failed to turn up on the red show this past week. Those accessing the post on the company's official website were greeted with Papa Shango and a motley crue of Parts Unknown's most famous residents, leaving some wondering if they'd imagined it all along.

The mutable reality shifted yet again this Wednesday morning, as once more Rousey is penned in for every Monday night up until the big bash in New Orleans on 8 April.

According to a report featured on Pro Wrestling Sheet, Ronda's absence this past week had nothing to do with a lack of commitment, but rather a pre-planned medical in Philadelphia. WWE never expected her to fulfill this date, with the announcement allegedly made in error by a member of their social media team/nearby scapegoat. The timing's a little unfortunate, given reports that the promotion purposefully misled fans two weeks back by promoting Brock Lesnar's appearance on Raw only to pull the ol' bait-and-switch. The ploy was supposedly pulled to suggest Brock had no respect for the fans, so accidentally dousing Rousey with the same aspersions isn't ideal whilst she is being built up as a mega-babyface.

Regardless, the issue has now been cleared, and the Baddest Woman on the Planet is again slated for the next three Raws in Dallas, TX, Cleveland, OH, and Atlanta, GA ahead of her big WrestleMania debut.

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