Rusev And Hulk Hogan On For WWE WrestleMania 35?

Nothing is too outlandish anymore.

Wrestlemania 35 Hulk Hogan Rusev

Yes: you read that correctly. Just a few months short of riling up The Undertaker ahead of their Greatest Royal Rumble casket match, the ever insolent Rusev has raised the ire of Hulk Hogan, sensationally calling him out for a match at WrestleMania 35.

Hogan made his WWE comeback at Crown Jewel last Friday - his first appearance since his racist video nasty surfaced in 2015. Despite looking in tremendous shape for a man in his mid-'60s, Hogan earnestly Tweeted after the show that he wanted to drop weight - because he didn't want to look like he could still beat up the current WWE roster:

If this was anyone else in the world, we'd assume their tongue was firmly planted in their cheek. The Tweet soon alerted the social-media savvy Rusev, who suggested Hogan try to make him his first victim on the roster - at WrestleMania 35, no less.

Hogan quickly laid the verbal smackdown on his Bulgarian brother - promising he'd crush him and take Lana as his manager. Crikey.

So is there any possibility Hogan and Rusev could actually square off in New Jersey next April? Ordinarily, we'd say there's more chance of the company releasing a Vince Russo career compilation on the Network, but this is a world where Shane McMahon is apparently the best in the world and Shawn Michaels just wrestled The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia. You just never know anymore.

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Editorial Team

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