Sami Zayn Launching New Syrian Fundraiser During WWE Super ShowDown

He's a good egg, that Sami.

Sami For Syria
YouTube/Infamous Wrestling

Sami Zayn is one of a handful of wrestlers who won't be making the trip to Saudi Arabia for this week's WWE Super ShowDown event in Jeddah, but the former NXT Champion shan't be sitting around doing nothing while this "WrestleMania calibre show" goes down.

Per the man himself on Twitter, Sam intends on starting a fundraiser for another mobile clinic to help Syrians in need as Super ShowDown goes on the air:-

Zayn's last Sami For Syria campaign was a huge success, raising $106,755.01 in conjunction with the Syrian American Medical Society Foundation. It kicked off on his 33rd birthday to help establish a mobile clinic and make medical care more widely accessible in the beleaguered country, and Zayn pressed forward with little-to-no support from his employers, who didn't publicise the campaign.

Sami's Syrian heritage prevents him from appearing on WWE's Saudi shows. Both of his parents hail from the country, he still has family there, and the Saudi Arabian government reportedly ordered he be prevented from this latest show. He joins Aleister Black, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Kevin Owens on the list of wrestlers who haven't travelled.

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