Sasha Banks Reveals Why She Kept Her Marriage Secret

The Boss wanted her union to be kept on the hush.

sasha banks

Although it's been fairly common knowledge for a while now among the fans who concern themselves with such matters, Sasha Banks finally confirmed publicly the fact that she tied the knot last year, something she has gone out of her way to avoid speaking on.

The reason why? Wrestling fans.

During her appearance on former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia's podcast Making Their Way To The Ring, Garcia brought up the union and Banks, who was clearly not ready to speak on it, addressed her marriage to her husband Sarath Ton and why she attempted to keep it a secret:

“Yes. I’ll tell you. You’re the first one I’ve admitted it to. I am married. I just hide it because our fans are so crazy sometimes, you know? I don’t know, I just think fans are just so crazy. I see what they write to him on Twitter, and I don’t like that stuff. If you’re saying he’s ugly, or he shouldn’t be with me because of this or that, that hurts me, you know? I just don’t like that he gets... he reads that every day, you know what I mean? And he’s such an amazing person.”

"The Boss" also mentioned that it surprised her that their wedding was trending online when it happened, and she was incredulous at the disappointed reaction of some fans who were behaving as if their chance to win her over had come and gone. Hopefully her followers don't react to those statements in a negative manner and realize that she and her relationship deserve to be respected.

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