Sasha Banks Vs. Bayley Set For WWE SummerSlam 2018

This time, they mean it. Probably.

Sasha Banks Bayley Summerslam 2018

For the four people in the world who still give even the vaguest of flying tosses about Sasha Banks and Bayley's feud (their respective partners, Izzy, Snoop Dogg): good news! According to Cagesideseats, WWE are (again) 'preparing to pull the trigger' on the meandering nonsense with a match - an actual match! - proposed for SummerSlam.

At this point, interest in the two former Horsewomen's seemingly never-ending series of microaggressions is colder than The Pope's love spuds. The beef was finally given some fillip a few weeks back, thanks to Bayley's sweary is-it-isn't-it heel turn, but the writers immediately reverted to predictably terrible type by forcing the pair into a stupendously bad 'counselling angle'. Presumably, time was running out to apply for that Dr. Shelby trademark.

Hopefully the match itself will wash away this months long build-up of grime on what once over could have been a premier female feud in the company. Rumours suggest the pair will be giving substantial time to recreate the magic of their TakeOver Iron Man match three years ago. The way things have went for the two on the main roster since, that might as well have happened in a different universe.

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Editorial Team

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