Seth Rollins Apologises To Will Ospreay Over Twitter Feud

The WWE Universal Champion regrets wanting to compare bank accounts with the Aerial Assassin.

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After the pair recently exchanged Twitter blows, it looks as if WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins is wanting to put his spat with Will Ospreay behind him.

If you remember, Rollins dared anybody to find a wrestler alive who did what he did as well as he did it. That’s when New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Ospreay raised his virtual hand in the air to proclaim that he was indeed “alive”. From there, the duo would have a few fun back-and-forths before Seth overstepped the mark.

It’s all well and good to rightly big yourself up as one of the best wrestlers on the planet, and of course it makes sense for the former Shield member to defend his company as putting out of the best wrestling product out there, but Seth followed this up by pulling the total d*ck move of playing the money card.

Having had a week to reflect on his comments, Rollins has swallowed his pride and put an olive branch out to Ospreay - although he has doubled-down on his statements about WWE being the best promotion in the business.

In the world of bravado and alphas that is the wrestling business, it takes a lot for somebody to admit when they’re wrong. Credit where credit is due, Seth has taken ownership of his foolish words and now hopefully the situation can be put to bed.

For his part, Ospreay has yet to respond to the this apology.

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