Seth Rollins To "Address His Future" On WWE Raw Tonight

What or whom is getting burned down?

Seth Rollins

In a recent tweet, Seth Rollins has revealed that he will address his future tonight on WWE RAW. Unless, of course, Vince McMahon rewrites the script in the next few hours or so.

This is a somewhat interesting narrative hook.

Rollins has endured a dismal time of late, having turned himself heel more often than Vince Russo would have, had he booked his 2019 arc. No rumours have circulated on what this segment might entail, but the sort of heart-wrenching soliloquy that has turned off the WWE fanbase is a possibility as evident as it is uneasy.

For your writer's money, a hiatus is not a terrible idea for his professional career and, perhaps, his personal life: Rollins has struggled as the face of the company, has been worked to the bone, and expressing as much might compel the audience to sympathise with him at long last. Beneath the lashing out and the awful creative, it's not really undeserved.

It's not a very WWE thing to do, and so it's safer to expect a bait-and-switch of such a spiel that is interrupted by a new, heel challenger.

Looking at the heel roster, Buddy Murphy isn't engaged in a programme at present, nor is Randy Orton. Is Aleister Black a heel? Or is this pretext for another NXT ambush?

We'll find out soon, as RAW rolls on...

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