Shawn Michaels Returns To WWE Raw & Confronts Roman Reigns

HBK makes a surprise appearance.

Shawn Michaels Raw

In a totally unexpected moment, Shawn Michaels made a surprising return to Monday Night Raw during a segment involving Roman Reigns last night.

"The Big Dog" had just defeated Jinder Mahal in a brief match - in which The Undertaker's signature gong sounded during the action, distracting Reigns - and afterwards grabbed the microphone to call out his Wrestlemania 33 opponent.

When the show returned from commercial break, instead of another gong, the loudspeakers blared the opening riffs of "Sexy Boy" and Michaels made his way to the ring. He was welcomed by the crowd with a lengthy "HBK" chant, and Reigns admitted that it was cool to see him but he didn't call out Shawn, he called out The Undertaker.

This led "The Heartbreak Kid" to warn Reigns that Taker was obviously in his head, and he tried to give Roman some friendly advice. He told him that he wasn't out there to get confrontational with Reigns, he was on his side. Roman replied "With all due respect, The Undertaker retired you. And I'm the guy that's going to retire him."

The he walked away leaving HBK standing in the ring, and as he made his way up the ramp he was attacked by Braun Strowman, who laid Roman out and then informed Michaels "If I wanted to do it to you, I would."

The segment ended with Reigns in a wounded heap of agony, HBK staring from the ring, and Braun walking to the back amidst a chant of "Thank you, Strowman".


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