'Southpaw Regional Wrestling' Coming To WWE Network This Friday

A new comedy series starring some of your favourite WWE Superstars.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling
WWE Twitter

When the wrestling world was rife with rumours that WWE Network would begin broadcasting independent wrestling content, this probably isn't what most fans had in mind.

Announced and teased via WWE's official Twitter account last night, 'Southpaw Regional Wrestling' is an upcoming comedy series that appears to be a riff on old southern wrestling territories. John Cena will star as Lance Catamaran, the show's fictitious announcer, alongside other WWE wrestlers including Fandango, Rusev, Lana, Karl Anderson, Chris Jericho, and TJ Perkins. Fans of Luke Gallows's indie days may also notice his appearance bears a remarkable similarity to one of his old, unabashedly un-PG characters called 'Sex Ferguson'.

Tonally, SRW feels a lot like the best, wackiest parts of The Edge and Christian Show, a series that was as cringe-worthy as often as it was laugh-out-loud hilarious. Still, any chance to see more of Rusev's comedic talents is a win for fans, and SRW does feel a lot less out of touch than some of the programming currently on the Network, at least conceptually.

The show is scheduled to air at an as-yet-unannounced time this Friday on the WWE Network.

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