Sting Body Double Used On Raw To Confirm Fast Lane Appearance

Sting will be at Fast Lane.

Sting was not at Raw during the angle with Triple H last night. WWE had several Sting body doubles backstage and used the stand-in as a way of accepting the "face off" with Triple H at Fast Lane. The reason that the real Sting wasn't used is because his contract is for limited dates and he comes at a very high price. Unfortunately for WWE, the body double Sting looked nothing like the actual Sting. It left their segment with Triple H coming off as cheap and phoney. The wig in particular was shockingly poor. As for the identity of the body double, several fans noted the resemblance to Seth Rollins, but there is no confirmation at this time if it was indeed Rollins. Two other Sting doubles were used in the crowd. Just like the Sting in the ring, the spotlight illuminated the fakes for brief seconds, before dimming back out. Triple H was literally floored just from seeing Sting, and sold shock when the lights came back on to show Sting had already disappeared. The words "I accept" then came up on the titantron, indicating that Sting would be at Fast Lane. At Fast Lane it will be the real Sting. He will exchange words with Triple H and agree to a match at WrestleMania 31. The angle that played out on Raw was good in theory. It was reminiscent of Sting's WCW days and his dark character which stalks the bad guys. However, the WWE's execution with the unrealistic body double was leaving a lot to be desired in Columbus, Ohio.
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