Sting, The Undertaker, Goldberg Set For WWE SmackDown 20th Anniversary

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair also slated for October celebration.

SmackDown 20th Anniversary

SmackDown's huge premiere on FOX is drawing ever closer, and WWE have today announced a mammoth celebration show designed to kick things off with a massive bang - and with a massive rating.

Echoing the Raw Reunion show from last month, the SmackDown 20th Anniversary Celebration on 4 October will see an absolute boatload of industry legends alight in Los Angeles' Staples Center to toast the show's new home.

According to WWE, Hall of Famers including Kurt Angle, Lita, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Jerry Lawler, Mark Henry, Ric Flair and Booker T are all set to raise a glass to two decades of "action-packed, family-friendly programming."

Most appetisingly, the show's poster also confirms that The Undertaker will be in attendance, alongside current SmackDown stars Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Kofi Kingston.

That Sting is amongst the retinue of red-carpeted 'rasslers on the same show as The Undertaker certainly raises an eyebrow. Fans have long dreamed of a fantasy match between the pair, whose paths never once crossed in their most famous incarnations, even during Sting's brief WWE spell between from 2014 to 2015.

The two may finally meet in the autumn - though a contest between them seems very unlikely.

SmackDown's five-year deal with Fox commences on Friday 4 October.

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