That Time Triple H Buried ECW In Philadelphia

'The Game' plays to win...

Triple H Tazz

Thanks to the luxurious rehabilitation montages he was afforded following two harrowing quadricep injuries in 2001 and 2007, WWE fans became acutely aware of his iron will in a battle against his own body. As gruesome as his mid-match injuries were, his recoveries were almost as inspiring. His post-Crown Jewel bruising had everybody cringing, but his post-op picture was a reminder that his approach to returning to the ring is as robust the manner in which he books himself. (Spoiler: Triple H wins).

'The King Of Kings' hasn't had to fight for his throne for years, mainly because the one he has his eye on is already his when Vince McMahon finally shuffles off this mortal coil. He was lambasted for his political maneuverings as a full-time wrestler, but there's a tragic irony to how simple his final sideways step will eventually be. For years, Hunter made moves big and small to retain a position atop a company he was never really atop of.

Yet, crushing an entire company in 2000 was remarkably straightforward...



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