The REAL Reason All Elite Wrestling Could Change The Wrestling World

All Elite, or all for nought?

Cody, All Elite Wrestling

"Are you guys ready for All Elite?"

"Are you guys excited for AEW?!"

"Are you guys looking forward to All Elite Wrestling?!"

Popular podcaster Conrad Thompson wasn't given much to work with in his role as master of ceremonies for All Elite Wrestling's historic Jacksonville rally, but his ordinarily magnetic enthusiasm felt more than a little forced as he fought to fill time in between wrestlers popping on and off the stage to pop the ardent crowd in attendance for something we were repeatedly told was history-making.

It was the easiest question to ask of course. They were obviously hyped AF for AEW. Buzzing enough to be there ahead of their trip to the SmackDown Live taping down the road. Buzzing to potentially be part of their own version of ALL IN - one of wrestling's most profoundly important non-WWE events.

Everybody was. Everybody is. All Elite Wrestling, its foundations within Being The Elite, years of mainstream malaise and the genuine sense of tectonic plates finally shifting beneath the wrestling world has got a "universe" united around the possibility of change and the probability of a brand new pro wrestling indulgence to embark upon.

There was much to take from the event - you'll have read about it here and on every other wrestling site - but away from the literal fireworks and figurative fights, what did the AEW chiefs really tell us about our future? Because they were extremely careful talking about theirs...



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