The REAL Reason Behind Kevin Owens' WWE SmackDown Pipebomb

What does KO's explosive rant mean for him and Shane McMahon?

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens caused a major stir on this week's SmackDown, dropping a CM Punk-esque Pipebomb-style worked shoot promo after engaging in a parking lot brawl with Dolph Ziggler during the opening segment.

In his rant, KO ethered Shane McMahon for hogging increased amounts of airtime since his family promised to put the power back in the fans' hands last year, chastising him for taking TV time away from the likes of Asuka, Buddy Murphy, and Ali. On top of this, Owens claimed that he felt sick every time Shane calls himself "Best in the World."

While it differed from the original Pipebomb in that it was scripted and not as incendiary, it had a similar effect. Now, the reason behind its existence has become clear.

Per, WWE plan on using this storyline to eventually phase McMahon out of weekly programming, which muddies his role in the company going forward.

There's no word on how Shane's decline will manifest, though it's hard to imagine too many fans being disappointed by this. A talented performer he may be, but along with Baron Corbin, Shane is WWE's foremost recipient of go-away heat in 2019.

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