The REAL Reason Daniel Bryan Just Won The WWE Title

Saying "YES!" to the Madness Of King Vince.

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Tackled magnificently in this article and this video, WhatCulture Great Men™ Michael Sidgwick and Adam Nicholas recently confirmed the official beginning of The Banter Era in WWE.

For those unfamiliar with the terminology, a “banter era” entered common usage on social media as fans of sporting or entertainment enterprises chronicled a series of moments and missteps that threw away the logic, cohesion and consistency that may have existed in more successful times. The basic rationale being that it was better to laugh at the chaos than cry.

Better p*ss yourself laughing at Shane McMahon running around with an ill-gotten trophy that p*ss and moan online, right? Better marvel at the sheer audacity of WWE’s decision to sneak Hulk Hogan onto the Crown Jewel card than recoil again in horror at the comments that got him booted out of WWE’s Hall Of Fame in the first place, right? Better to just accept that such a show could even take place than protest the ethical and socio-political nightmares at play, right?

Well, no. Wrong. But sheer madness awaits if you try and expect something different from a company no longer (or not currently, at least) capable of doing things the sound-minded way. Only by steering into the insanity can you stay sane.

Much like how The Attitude Era began with Stone Cold Steve Austin bleeding all over the WrestleMania 13 canvas rather than Vince McMahon’s formal television address the following December, The Banter Era crept above the surface one year before its official Crown Jewel coronation and SmackDown Live confirmation.

AJ Styles was involved then, too...



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