The REAL Reason The Revival Just Won WWE Raw Tag Team Titles

'Top Guys' finally strike gold...

the revival tag team champs

Fans of a certain vintage probably heard the closing number from iconic Simpsons episode "Homer At The Bat" ringing in their ears when Dash Wilder pinned Chad Gable to score victory for The Revival on Monday Night Raw.

For the slim few that don't mainline memes inspired by 30-year-old gags on Twitter, the 1992 episode beautifully captured the satisfaction and relief of Springfield Power Plant Softball team's victory over their Shelbyville equivalents thanks to Homer's typical blend of dumb luck and charm after Mr Burns' all-star ringers fell afoul of various ailments before the big game itself.

Discussion of television from three decades ago may sound like the segue for getting on Vince McMahon's level, but it's as much to do with remembering the joy espoused in those closing credits as anything else. "Mr Burns had done it, The Power Plant had won it" were the pointed lyrics, errantly implying that the megalomaniacal billionaire had absolutely anything to do with his squad's success. In actuality of course, he'd bantered off his charges before having no choice but to take a punt on them. Sound familiar?



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