The REAL Reason WWE Just Cancelled 5 House Shows

WWE have scrapped 5 Raw live events on two weeks' notice.

WWE Cancelled

WWE's live event business is receding faster than your writer's hairline, with attendances and revenue tumbling with every new financial report and the promotion cancelling swathes of shows throughout recent months.

This week brought news that WWE had scrapped planned Raw house shows in Bossier City, LA (23 August), Lafayette, LA (24 August), Mobile, AL (25 August), Banger, ME (30 August), and Portland, ME (31 August). Interestingly, those first two dates were shows that Kane, of all people, was supposed to wrestle on.

Dave Meltzer wrote about the situation in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, noting that the cancellations are almost certainly due to "bad advances" and that the promotion want to hide the decline of their live event business to investors. This makes sense, as their next quarterly drop could be huge if they hold too many shows with attendances below the Q2 2019 average of 4,700.

Meltzer notes that WWE also plan on doing more dual-brand "super shows" going forward, and hope that SmackDown's increased exposure after moving to fox will spike house show business in the fall, though this is obviously dependent on them hitting the ground running.

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