The Undertaker Reveals 'Egg Man' Debut Concerns To Steve Austin

'The Deadman' almost became 'The Egg Man' back in 1990.

The Undertaker Broken Skull Sessions

As previously reported, The Undertaker will be Steve Austin's first guest on his new Broken Skull Sessions show on the WWE Network, with the debut episode broadcast after Survivor Series 2019 goes off the air this coming Sunday night.

WWE have now released a preview clip from the show in which 'Taker talks about his WWE debut back in 1990, and how he prepared for it:-

In it, Undertaker spoke on seeing the Gobbledy Gooker on television at the time and how he'd convinced himself that he would be the one debuting via big, comedy egg.

"So this egg appears on the show, right? And all of a sudden my mind just starts going, 'oh man, they're going to bring me in,' now this is how outlandish the gimmicks were then, too," he said. "I'm gonna be 'The Egg Man.' I have convinced myself, to the point where my stomach hurts, that I'm gonna be 'The Egg Man.'"

Of course, said 'Egg Man' turned out to be the Gobbledy Gooker - one of the most maligned gimmicks in wrestling history - while 'Taker went on to succeed with one of the most revered gimmicks in wrestling history.

Imagine how different things could've been, though...

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