The Undertaker To Be First Guest On Steve Austin's New WWE Show

'The Deadman' and 'Stone Cold' will link up on the first Broken Skull Session.

Undertaker Austin

It looks like The Undertaker could be set to become the first guest on 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's new WWE Network show.

Last month saw WrestleVotes report that WWE intended to revive the old Stone Cold Podcast format on the Network. The same source now claims that not only will the show be titled Broken Skull Session, but also 'Taker will feature on the debut episode:-

The old Stone Cold Podcast saw Austin interview the likes of Vince McMahon, Dean Ambrose, and Shawn Michaels, and created a number of major talking points, particularly during the McMahon episode, in which the WWE Chairman openly criticised his roster's perceived lack of ambition. Thus, it'll be interesting to see what comes out of the Undertaker's interview, given how secretive and protective of the business 'The Deadman' has always been.

WrestleVotes claim that Broken Skull Session is set to kick off in 2020's first quarter. They believe that it'll operate under a similar format to the Stone Cold Podcast, with Austin conducting interviews.

Austin has been relatively active on WWE television this year (compared to his usual schedule), working July's Raw Reunion and the red brand's 9 September episode at Madison Square Garden.

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