The Undertaker Vs. Rusev Is Back On For WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble

Here we go again...

The Undertaker Rusev

Five days removed from being replaced by Chris Jericho as The Undertaker's opponent at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Rusev has been substituted back into the casket match, and will once again face 'The Deadman' on April 27th. broke the news last night, writing that Lana personally requested for her husband to be reinserted into the bout.

'The Ravishing Russian' tweeted the following:-

As per the storyline, Rusev was originally pulled from the bout when Lana voiced concern for his wellbeing, and the man himself claimed 'Taker was "past his prime" in an interview with TMZ, prompting a spiky response from Michelle McCool. The latest change all but confirms this as a work.

Rusev caused a stir by removing all mentions of WWE from his social media accounts last week, then posting a series of cryptic tweets. This led to talk that he was on the verge of walking from the company, but the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reported it was part of an angle soon after, which now seems indisputable.

An odd series of events from the bookers (if designed to hype the match), but at least we now know for sure that Rusev and Lana are sticking around.

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