The Undertaker Was Backstage At Last Night's WWE SmackDown

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The Undertaker was a surprise presence backstage at January 9th's SmackDown Live! taping.

Reported first by, 'The Deadman' made an appearance behind the scenes at the Birmingham, Alabama taping ahead of his on-screen return at the 'Raw 25 Years' special on January 22nd.

His reemergence came as speculation continues to mount about a potential WrestleMania 34 match, despite going to some efforts to imply retirement for the character at last year's 'Show Of Shows'. The Monday Night Raw celebratory special will mark his first turn in front of the camera since abandoning his hat, coat and gloves following the listless loss to Roman Reigns.

Initial assumptions may have been tragically misplaced. Recent rumours have posited a long-awaited clash between Undertaker and John Cena with 'Big Match John' apparently promised exactly that instead of the midcard filler material he's been left with since dropping the WWE Championship to The Rock at WrestleMania 29.

It's hoped by most that his Raw return could foreshadow a more dignified farewell than his depleted disrobing. A universally accepted industry icon, his nailed-on Hall Of Fame headline spot would make for a substantially more satisfying sendoff.

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