The Undertaker's Greatest Rivals - How Much Do You Know?

Prove your knowledge about some of The Phenom's greatest foes, or you will REST. IN. PEACE.


The Undertaker. One of WWE's most famous and popular characters. One of pro wrestling's most respected and legendary figures. A really big Texan who likes black hats, eye makeup and motorcycles.

In his 28+ years as The Deadman, Mark Calloway has been a great many things, but one thing he's been perhaps more than anything else is a rival.

But just how much do you know about some of 'Taker's most fearsome foes? Do you know who The Undertaker beat and when? Do you know who got the better of The Demon from Death Valley and how? Do you want to find out? Of course you do. It's why you're here.

So, let's grab our wide-brimmed hats, throw some lightning and roll our eyes back into our heads - let's take a quiz that is guaranteed to chill even the toughest of bones.

Answers at the end!

1. Undertaker Faces Triple H At Super Showdown In Australia This October, But In What US State Did They Last Face Each Other?


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