The Velveteen Dream "Shoots" On WWE NXT Roster

"Indy guys" enter Dream's crosshairs.

Velveteen Dream

Having firmly established himself as one of NXT's most exciting young prospects towards the end of 2017, Velveteen Dream has had a tremendous start to the year, with recent matches against Kassius Ohno and Johnny Gargano impressing.

The former Tough Enough contestant sent social media into a frenzy yesterday, but unfortunately, it wasn't for his absorbing character or burgeoning in-ring skills. Dream hit Twitter with what was presented as a "shoot" rant against ex-indepdent wrestlers infiltrating NXT, putting himself over as a homegrown star in the process:-

The internet was understandably awash with strong reactions afterwards, but was Dream's outburst legit, or was he working the fans?

In all likelihood, it was the latter. Lio Rush nuked his reputation by making light of Emma's WWE release back in October, and in the wake of this, it's hard to imagine another young talent making the same mistake. Odds are that the company were in on it, and that the tweet was just a way of generating buzz for an upcoming match or angle.

WWE did try to turn the Rush situation into a minor storyline, but he has since disappeared from TV. Let's see what comes of Velveteen's post.

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