The Viking Raiders Set For 3rd WWE Name Change In 10 Days?!

Yeah, they definitely should have stuck with War Raiders.

Viking Experience

Unbelievably, it looks like WWE Raw tag team The Viking Raiders are set for another main roster name change.

We wish we were making this up, but a survey issued by the WWE Fan Council (a group put together to gauge the WWE fanbase's opinions on certain matters through short, simple questionnaires) asked "Which of the following WWE Superstar Shake-Up brand changes are you most excited about seeing?" this week. The answers included Roman Reigns' switch to SmackDown, Cedric Alexander's to Raw, and, tellingly, "The Viking Warriors'" move to Monday nights.

With thanks to Reddit user MeepM99pDude for the screenshot:-

WWE Survey Viking Warriors
Reddit, @MeepM00pDude

If this "Viking Warriors" patter is legitimate (and not a mistake on the Fan Council's behalf), the situation is beyond parody. It'd be Erik and Ivar's third name change in 10 days, and while we won't know if it's legitimate until next week's Raw, we wouldn't put such a scatterbrained move past 2019 Vince McMahon.

Having wrestled as War Raiders at NXT TakeOver: New York on 5 April, the former Hanson and Rowe debuted Raw's Viking Experience three days later. This week's show saw them rechristened "The Viking Raiders" following a week of ridicule.

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