The WrestleMania 35 Ending WWE Cut For Time

Plans for the show's end were very different.

WrestleMania 35

If anyone thought that despite lasting over 100 hours, WrestleMania 35 ironically ended in a bit of a hurry, then you're right. Almost as soon as Becky Lynch just about pinned Ronda Rousey to become double champ, the curtain was closed on the mammoth show, her celebration curtailed by a production team ready to clock off.

Apparently, this was not the original plan, and the event really did come to an abrupt end because everybody was so damn tired.

Writing in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer shared that WWE intended to skip Becky's celebration in favour of a confrontation between the new champion and fallen opponent Charlotte Flair:

"The idea that the show would end with Lynch and Charlotte Flair having an issue since Flair lost her title to Lynch without being pinned didn’t transpire. Lynch won, and they ended the show and got out of there because it was so late."

So to reiterate, WWE weren't planning to give Becky a huge victory gigue à la Daniel Bryan, and the rushed feelgood moment only happened because they made such a colossal a*se of pacing the show. Maybe it was a good thing it ran so late after all?

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