The (WWE) Fake News Awards

Covfefe & TV


The interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated, but after an unexpected delay, they are here!

The first ever (WWE) Fake News Awards will pay tribute to those within the Sports Entertainment world that have won bigly in recent years. Those that just can't help themselves. Those that build walls of success they don't even pay for. Those that just have to grab life by the pustules!

These are traits few men (and women too, these awards have actually shattered glass ceilings for women) have. It's about time everybody got together and gave a little bit of recognition to these people - a nuclear war or global warming could rob generations of the opportunity to, even those both of those possibilities almost certainly aren't even real!

Let's drain the swamp of negativity around the industry and pay tribute to those that deserve nothing but praise dropped on them from almighty height! Satire might be dead, but like finally being allowed to say 'Merry Christmas' around the holidays again, it's about time we all got together for a big laugh! Merry Christmas! Fake News!

And The Winners Are...


Square eyes on a square head, trained almost exclusively to Pro Wrestling, Sunderland AFC & Paul Rudd films. Responsible for 'Shocking Plans You Won't Believe Actually Happened', some of the words in our amazing Wrestling bookazines (both available at, and probably every website list you read that praised Kevin Nash.