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TNA or Impact Wrestling (whatever you want to call it) essentially became famous for their X-Division. It was a clash of high flying and technical wrestling that came together so well when the X-Division athletes stepped in the ring. At one point, the X-Division was the center of TNA, it was the company’s main focus. An X-Division title match even main evented a pay per-view over a World Title match. Everyone flocked to TNA to watch the X-Division. Why? Because it was different than what the WWE was putting out.

WWE had an entertaining Cruiserweight division at one point, but it never reached the greatness and the marketability that the X-Division once had. Unfortunately, the X-Division appears to be in a slump. While they can still have great matches, the division isn’t up to par with what it once was. I have come up with a list of way to help improve the division.

I would first like to say that in no way shape or form do I know how to run a wrestling company, nor do I know TNA’s financial situation. So for me to say, “HIRE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!” that would be because that’s what I want to see. Not because TNA has the money to do so. These are just a list of ideas that would help the division, to viewers and fans of the company. Heck, maybe not even them, maybe it would just help me.

I guess we’ll find out after you’ve clicked “next” below to begin…

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This article was first posted on July 9, 2013