TNA: 5 Reasons Why Jeff Hardy Is Everything That Is Wrong With Professional Wrestling Today

4. He Can No Longer Wrestle

Jeff Hardy is the botch KING. I have never seen someone make so many stuff ups outside of a Goldberg match (which I will discuss in full at a later date). Granted, he was awesome back in the early days of The Brood and Team Extreme but circa 2002 he just completely let whatever skill he once had go to waste, all for that approval I mentioned earlier that you get with a 2 second high flying spot. Apart from the Swanton I don't think he does anything that he used to do back in the Attitude Era. And the one new thing that he seems to have latched onto, he can't even do that properly anymore. I am of course talking about his turnbuckle dropkick. And on top of this, he can no longer do the moves he took from his brother either. My God how is this guy even got a job? There are countless wrestlers from all over the world who are quite simply better in every way shape and form but will never get the chances he has been given (more on that later) simply because they can't make the little teenage girls think happy thoughts down in their special area. I am a firm believer that being popular does not make a champion. You have to be the "total package" to be crowned champion, something which TNA has seemingly forgotten as of late (as has WWE to an extent). Every time Jeff Hardy stumbles, which is a lot, makes me just want to punch him right in the face. This guy needs a full 12 months off for wrestling training I believe. And I am not talking about in his own family gym or whatever. I am talking about going back to step one, going back to school (such as the Texas Wrestling Academy, go get Shawn Michaels to retrain you) and relearning the craft in full. Maybe even switch up from high flying antics and adapt a whole new style and technique of "wrasslin." It's pretty obvious to even the most dimwitted individual that this guy needs to go back to basics. Just leave them title belts of yours in the trash where they belong....Nice segueway that.


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