TNA: 5 Ways To Improve Impact Wrestling

Wrestling is an art. It presents the fine line between reality and emotions, and presents it in a vivid way….

Siddharth Grover



Wrestling is an art. It presents the fine line between reality and emotions, and presents it in a vivid way. One of the best ways to spend time is by watching professional wrestling, and actually learning from it. Wrestling offers us multiple lessons if we are clever enough to learn from them. One of the best lessons is provided by John Cena himself, as he gets up everyday without giving up. Wrestling is an emotional sport, which requires all your attention, however, it will never leave you bored, and will always leave you wanting more.

TNA is the second best wrestling company in the world, only behind Vince McMahon’s own, WWE. One of the best organizations in the world, TNA has been doing a lot of positive work, which has made their company famous and well-known. However, with the good, comes the bad, and TNA has committed multiple bad decisions too.

Therefore, the following is a list of the five things IMPACT should do to improve their product: for them, for TNA, and for us: the fans. Click ‘Next’ to scroll through the slideshow.

5. Bring Back The Six Sided Ring

tna six sided

One of the worst decisions in TNA, so far, have been that Hogan and Bischoff removed the six sided ring for a squared circle. While a normal wrestling ring does use a squared circle, this decision was extremely disheartening and made many viewers, including me, very sad. It wasn’t the fact that Hogan and Bischoff did it, but it was because we would never see the six-sided ring again.

The six-sided ring was what made TNA a popular brand in the first place. Many of my friends used to watch TNA when it began due to the fact that they have a different ring, and more space for action. My friends do not watch anymore, and while that may be because of different reasons, one of the top reasons, according to them, is the fact that the six sided ring has been replaced by a normal ring. The six-sided ring was excellent for the X-Division and even the high-profile showdowns, which required a lot of time.

Six-sided rings provided more space and more turnbuckles, which resulted in more ‘big time’ spots, which were enjoyed by all. The six-sided ring was an excellent innovation, and sadly, the crushing of that idea by Hogan and Bischoff made a lot of fans stop watching.