TNA Bound For Glory 2013: 8 Matches That Could Happen

Lethal Lockdown

7. The Main Event Mafia vs. Aces & Eights

BeFunky_Sting On one side who€™d have Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus, & Rampage Jackson. On the other side, who€™d have Mr. Anderson, Devon, Knux, Wes Brisco, & Garett Bischoff. These two teams are clearly heading to a collision course and where better to settle it than on the biggest show of the year, in a match that guarantees carnage? Sting & Angle are two of the founding members of the MEM, though Joe did end up joining later. Magnus is new to the group with a lot to prove. Magnus has continued to impress and has showed that he is TNA€™s future. TNA has done a great job of making Magnus look good in the BFG Series, having a commanding lead over the other eleven participants. Magnus is good in the ring and can cut a decent promo. If you don€™t believe me, just go watch anything he did with Desmond Wolfe. Rampage Jackson is the big x-factor in this one. This would presumably his in-ring debut for the company. I was excited when they announced Rampage as the final member of the MEM because it meant that we were going to get something new and different. The MEM is usually high-class, suit wearing, professionals. However, Rampage is not that. Rampage is a chain wearing, smash mouth style, brawler. I know some people have a problem with his inclusion in the group, saying, €œHe€™s an MMA fighter! He shouldn€™t be in a wrestling group!€ But he is signed to TNA and he is signed to wrestle. He is going to wrestle for the company. If they have a big name that non-wrestling fans are going to know, why wouldn€™t you book him with your other big names like Sting & Angle? I think it€™s a smart idea for TNA to use Rampage like this. Being in a stable means that he doesn€™t have to appear every week, because we€™ve got four other capable members that show up and wrestle. On the Aces & Eights side, I don€™t have DOC listed. I don€™t think DOC will be with the Aces & Eights by the time BFG rolls around. Having first shown signs of restraint against the group in the battle royal to get into the BFG Series, DOC really hasn€™t taken a liking to the way he is being used by the group. Now that they have elected Mr. Anderson as the new Vice President, I don€™t see DOC sticking around that much longer under Anderson€™s rule.