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Typical TNA. Not content with rehashing old WWE story lines and hiring all WWE’s ex roster now they’ve got their own version of the CM Punk fan altercation that occurred a while back.

According to Wewatchwrestling.com the incident in question took place at the TNA Impact taping in Chicago last night and involved new World Heavyweight Champion and Aces & 8s head honcho Bully Ray and a random fan.

Apparently as Bully and his Aces & 8s teammates made their way out of the arena via the crowd a fan reached out and tried to hit The former Dudley Boy in the face. Atlas Security were quick on the scene and jumped on the fan within seconds of the attempted attack, dragging him from the stands. Once Aces & 8s had left the arena the fan – who remains nameless at this time – was escorted from the building.

You can watch the attack here:


The WWE story made national entertainment magazine headlines after then WWE champion CM Punk bit a fan who was believed to have tried pushing him from behind. However Punk ended up hitting out at an innocent bystander mistaking him for the perpetrator of the childish attack.

It remains to be seen if this is a TNA ‘angle’ that was staged to enervate further heat on Bully and his crew or whether this was some good old fashioned ECW style fan ‘interaction’.

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This article was first posted on March 16, 2013