TNA Review 24/2/12 – Sting is Done?

The most hyped story this week was Sting saying ON TWITTER that he was “done”.

Patrick Farren


Impact Wrestling – Feb 24th 2012

The “Insane Icon,” is “Done.”
The most hyped story this week was Sting saying ON TWITTER that he was “Done.” Not via TNA TV or anything, Via Twitter. Because that’s how professionals deal with major announcements these days. Robert Roode announced early in the show that Sting was going to appear. Thing is that since they announced Roode’s title match against Storm was going to be at the PPV in April rather than the next one in March, they made it a bit obvious that something was going to go down at Victory Road in March. Otherwise why wouldn’t the title match just happen at Victory Road?

In the closing segment Sting came out as promised to address the TWEET that shook the world. Roode made his second appearance of the night to interrupt. Sting immediately converted over to Whacky Insane Icon Sting and promised that hes “Done” with mediocre then promised to kick the living crap out of Roode at Victory Road. To Roode’s credit, his facial expressions and mannerisms were great throughout. He tried to throw another low blow at Sting, but the Joker Sting was ready and booted Roode low himself. Then just to prove that he doesn’t know where the cheesy line should be drawn, told Bobby to “Follow the yellow brick road…to Victory Road.” Oh TNA, if you only had a brain.

Jacobs vs. Bully Ray, Calves vs. Calves
Brandon Jacobs was on Impact again to reflect on receiving a face full of Bully Ray spittle. He looked a bit more excited on the way to the ring this time. “What do you do after you win a Superbowl? COME TO IMPACT WRESTLING BABY!” I don’t know if that trend will catch on. He let us know that his relationship with James Storm is based on mutual appreciation for beer. Brandon admitted he shouldn’t have crossed the barrier but Bully shouldn’t have spat in his face and so called him out again. Ray did come out, and he made sure to show Brandon his huge calves. Brandon weirdly held the mic to his face the entire time even when he wasn’t speaking. Ray played the cowardly heel and ran off. Jacobs then had to look for him backstage but Storm and Jeff Hardy came up with a plan for him instead.

That plan was getting involved in the main event tag team match that pitted Storm and Hardy against Bully Ray and Kurt Angle. At this point I also noticed Brian Hebner is sporting some ridiculous goatee. Bully Ray did his own introduction too, which has to annoy Mr Anderson, wherever the hell he is. There was a weird spot where Storm bounced into the wrong ropes, then had to do it again so that Ray could grab him, which I had to wonder why TNA didn’t cut out. I guess it would have looked weird. Referee face fuzz did his best to look shocked when Brandon Jacobs got in there, and Jacobs blasted Ray with a semi believable looking Choke Slam through the table. That’s celebrity involvement done just about right.

The Matches

TNA were kind enough to give us Robbie E vs. AJ Styles for the TV Title and they even allowed Robbie to get some offence in. As soon as AJ looked to have the win in the bag, Kazarian and Daniels stormed to the ring and Kaz cost him the match. This time however, Daniels looked a bit shock at how easily Kazarian did it. The storyline slowly rolls on and get’s an interesting twist with Kaz getting a bit meaner. Still sort of rests on what dirt Daniels has on him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if TNA never mention it again.

Magnus and Samoa Joe gave Matt Morgan and Crimson their return title match this week and successfully retained. Leading into the match a backstage video let us know that Crimson was blaming Matt for the loss of the belts. The miscommunication cost them again this time moved the story along that Crimson is getting cocky and not accepting the blame for losing.

Number one contender to the X Title, Zema Ion fought Alex Shelley. The X Champion himself, super heel Austin Aries came to the ring for a closer look with a box of popcorn and a glass of red wine. Alex missed the double stomp that he never seems to connect with lately, and Zema Ion sprayed him with hairspray that he had stuffed neatly next to his package. One finisher later, he continued his forward momentum towards Austin Aries at Victory Road.

Madison Rayne claimed that her being number one contender actually strengthens her friendship with Gail. She’s doing Gail a favour you see by giving her competition that she deserves. That led into Gail Kim vs. ODB (who was of course joined by comedy genius Eric Young.) Madison came out, distracted Gail, while ODB fired up after a sip from her flask. Gail still made her eat a combination of Feet and defeat. Strangely during this Mike Tenay started talking about Rihanna and Chris Brown. I’ve no idea what he was trying to relate to ODB and Eric Young but even Tazz was like “whut?” And I don’t think anyone believed Tenay reads TMZ. Nevertheless the ongoing forced social media and pop culture assault goes on.

Other news..

In Jesse Sorensen news, we heard from Jesse himself from his hospital bed telling the scary story of how he couldn’t move his arms and wondered if he was paralysed. The scariest thing was that he thought there were thousands of people in the Impact Zone. But seriously, Tenay then let us know that Jesse has been released from hospital and is recovering at home, which is good news. #GetWellJesse.

Although its not confirmed it looks like Brian Kendrick has been released. TNA must have run out of things to give him to do. I don’t think it should be called a creative department when you struggle to “create” anything at all. They can come up with Nickelodeon level comedy for Eric Young, but not a decent storyline for Kendrick? Oh well, at least it means Kendrick can explore the Indies some more, and I’m always open to a reunion with Paul London somewhere, anywhere.