Triple H Forming New Backstage Clique In WWE

A new Triple H clique is forming in the WWE.

Triple H has assembled a new backstage clique, according to a report from reddit WWE insider MetsFan4Ever. The new clique comprises Triple H's hand picked wrestlers who he plans on making WWE's future. Those men are Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor and Hideo Itami. Triple H is looking out for these four men and making sure that they get exceptions to NXT's workload. The NXT crew are subjected to daily drills and work a full day of training, but Triple H has granted some leeway to his chosen few. The power of the new clique is especially evident at tapings and house shows. Producers will tell the clique "no" when it comes to certain high spots, but Triple H will then overrule and give the go ahead. The clique are also calling up Hunter when Bill DeMott is working them too hard at the Performance Centre. Hunter will then call the trainers and tell them to lay off. MetsFan4Ever continues with his report, saying that Balor has been known to throw hissy fits. As for Owens, he will refuse to do some training. Zayn and Itami are less problematic. Is this leaked information plausible, or is this a case of MetsFan4Ever exaggerating? The insider has certainly proved reliable on some leaks, but has also got it badly wrong in other stories. In this instance, there seems to be an element of truth. Just from seeing Triple H's social media and the way these wrestlers are booked, you can tell that he favours them. As for reports of Balor and Owens' attitude, they came in with a lot of experience. It is possible that they see themselves above some of WWE's training. Triple H maybe acknowledged that when he signed them, so he granted them a level of exception when attending the Performance Centre. Even with Triple H having their backs, the new clique won't necessarily make it to the top in WWE. As good as Balor is in the ring, it is hard to envision him in a WWE main event role. Kevin Owens has an aura in NXT, but place him in "the land of the giants" and his look will appear ordinary. Itami's cultural differences will be a constant roadblock. The big hope for Triple H would be Sami Zayn. He sells as good as anyone in WWE, and delivers breathtaking action. His promos and character work have been exceptional in recent months. He's reminiscent of a babyface Eddie Guerrero or Daniel Bryan, so there's potential for him to fulfil a big babyface spot on the main roster. What's strange is that Triple H wouldn't incorporate Adrian Neville into the new clique. Neville is already right up there with Seth Rollins as one of the best in-ring talents in the world. It should also be noted that Triple H is also a big fan of Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Ironically, it is Charlotte and Banks who perhaps have the most certified main roster potential. The NXT guys are stealing the headlines, but the NXT girls are much better positioned to fit seamlessly into WWE's main shows.

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