Triple H Issues Apology For His Recent Paige Joke

Hunter offers up a "sorry if you were offended" pseudo apology to the Anti-Diva.

Triple H Paige

Much like if a tree falls in an empty forest does it really make a sound, does an “I’m sorry if anyone was offended” apology really classify as an apology?

During WWE’s recent UK press tour, Triple H was asked about a possible in-ring return for the totally-retired duo of Edge and Paige. Explaining that Edge being a father throws up certain questions about risking one’s health at the risk of his family life, The Game then joked that Paige “probably has some [kids] that she doesn’t even know about.”

Following that Paige comment, the former Diva’s Champion did her best to play down any offence taken by Triple H’s words. As for Paige’s boyfriend Ronnie Radke , he decided to take to Twitter to throw out a swift “f*ck Triple” remark. And now, Hunter has fired up his own Twitter account to offer an apology of sorts.

With the Royal Rumble PPV edging ever-closer, both Edge and Paige have been mooted to make in-ring returns in the respective men and women’s Royal Rumble matches. Serious neck injuries caused both competitors to retire from the squared circle, and it remains to be seen whether those retirements are adhered to when the Rumble takes place on January 26th.

Rumours of Edge being cleared to return seem to be gaining some serious traction right now, although it sadly looks as if any talk of a Paige return are way off the mark – with the Brit’s April 2018 retirement still looking like an extremely permanent arrangement.

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