The Undertaker's 10 Most Shocking Controversies

The Undertaker has had a long successful career, but he hasn't been immune to his share of controversies. Losing at WrestleMania 30 is already being called the most controversial point of his career. Granted, the end of the 21 year Mania winning streak was a bold decision, but this wasn't the first big controversy to swirl around 'The Deadman'. Everything from threatening his colleagues, bad taste angles, arena incidents and broken marriages have been part of Mark Calaway's real life story. The drama of his real persona has at times eclipsed that of his character. The Undertaker story in itself is something which courts controversy, an at times poor taste and satanic gimmick which has ruffled its share of feathers over the years. This latest feature will detail 10 controversies from Undertaker's past. In starting the discussion we should first explore his WrestleMania 30 loss a bit further. Was it really the biggest controversy of his career? It will certainly be one of the biggest talking points, that's for sure. Fans are terming it as a 'controversy' because they believe the WWE committed wrestling sacrilege by booking the loss. This upset has bounded off into conspiracy theories such as Lesnar wasn't meant to win or Taker only lost because he was injured. The truth of it is Undertaker lost because Vince McMahon asked him to ... and for some observers, that in itself was a decision of controversy. Now let's explore the history which came before that night....
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