Update On Daniel Bryan's Future Outside Of WWE

News on where Bryan may go if WWE don't pass him fit.

Daniel Bryan is open to working indies and could end up in CMLL or New Japan. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Bryan wants to continue in the wrestling industry if WWE doctors don't pass him fit. He'd have to honour his contract, but once that expired, he'd be free to work elsewhere. He's expressed interest in Lucha Libre, which is why CMLL would make sense. As for New Japan, he almost completed a deal with them last time he left WWE in 2010. The belief is that if WWE don't pass him fit to wrestle, Japan is where he'd go. However, maybe Bryan should really think about retiring from the industry. He seems convinced that he doesn't have a major issue with concussions, and his own doctor has passed him fully fit. But the WWE's medical team are less convinced, and a third doctor is going to be the deciding factor. If that doctor passes Bryan fit, great, he'll return to WWE. But if he gives a negative, and Bryan then goes on to work elsewhere, that's got to be a little irresponsible on Bryan's part. A confirmation on Bryan's status is expected soon, as his third doctor consultation isn't thought to be far off.
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