Update On Summer Rae & Paige's WWE Status

What next for Raw's missing women?

summer rae paige

Paige and Summer Rae haven't been seen on WWE television since mid-2016. The former has been on hiatus through a myriad of injuries, suspensions, and personal problems, while the latter last appeared in July, and has been taking time-off to recover from a number of unspecified neck and back-related problems.

Both were drafted to Raw as part of the brand split, but neither has featured since the draft. Dave Meltzer provided an update on Paige and Summer during the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, however, stating that neither women has a concrete return date at the moment.

Summer has reportedly been cleared to return for several months. She was backstage at WrestleMania 33, and again at last week's Raw, but the creative team don't have a role for her at the moment. The company are still figuring out which brand to put her on, though she's still listed as a Raw Superstar on WWE.com.

Paige, meanwhile, is still under contract and recovering from neck surgery in October, but "probably wouldn't be used again" if it weren't for the upcoming Fighting With My Family film. WWE could still bring her back to television, but her future remains unclear.


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