Update On Vince McMahon "Planning Something Big" For WWE WrestleMania 32

What's Vince thinking?

The idea that Vince McMahon was "planning something big" for WrestleMania 32 looks to be without foundation. There had been speculation within WWE that Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Brock Lesnar would be happening at the April 3 show. The fact that McMahon bumped the Taker Lesnar match from Mania 32, it did suggest that an even bigger match (the Austin one) was waiting in the wings. However, that proved not to be the case. "While some still cling to the notion there has to be a match because Vince McMahon wouldn't blow off Lesnar vs. Undertaker at a minor show unless he had something bigger, there isn't even a hint left that that's the case," the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports. They could still go with Rock versus Brock, but it is still looking more likely that Rocky will be facing Triple H. The notion that Vince had some huge ace up his sleeve, a big plan for WrestleMania, it looks like that it just isn't the case. With the exception of Rock versus Triple H, it looks like a standard WWE show for Mania 32. Brock Lesnar's role will more than likely be challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship. Roman Reigns is also expected to be involved in that match, more than likely winning the title. It appears that the only reason for moving Lesnar and Undertaker to Hell In A Cell, was solely to pop a Network number for October and some Raw ratings. As we now know, the ratings didn't happen. All that remains to be seen is if the Network numbers have increased. It could be the case that Vince has wasted a huge WrestleMania main event on a dud month.
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