UPDATED: Sasha Banks Returning To WWE With New Character Direction?

Could this mean a return to The Boss' old heel ways?

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks hasn't been seen on WWE television since she and Bayley dropped the Women's Tag Team Championships to Billie Kay and Peyton Royce at WrestleMania 35, but that might be about to change.

The most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio saw Dave Meltzer report that 'The Boss' will "probably end up back in WWE," albeit without extrapolation, and Banks herself has dropped several social media hints over the past few days.

This tweet has sparked the most speculation:-

If we are to take Meltzer's tweet at face value and assume that the tensions between Banks and WWE have petered out, the "open the cage"/"spread my wings" comments suggest a new direction for Sasha, who has played a babyface for years on the main roster.

It's worth noting that Banks also posted the following comment on one of Renee Young's Instagram photos yesterday:-

Sasha Banks Instagram Comment
Instagram, @reneeyoungwwe

Banks' next step is one of wrestling's great unanswered questions at the moment, particularly as WWE letting her go before her contract expires looks extremely unlikely. For her sake, let's hope she's pushed to the moon if she does return to Raw or SmackDown - her talents deserve a massive spotlight.


In an update on the ongoing situation between the AWOL Sasha Banks and the company she walked out on immediately following WrestleMania 35, Dave Meltzer reports in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the Boss and the actual boss, Vince McMahon, met on May 23.

Without delving into any further detail, Meltzer nonetheless claimed that “things are said to be better”, and that “she could be back sometime this summer but nothing is official”.

A victim of Vince's Jedi mind trick, or a tough-out situation to avoid WWE adding time to her contract? In any event, sadly, it is time for Michael Cole to remind us that it is indeed Boss Time.

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